Talk Nerdy to Me – Networking Event

Join us and other entrepreneurs, and share what you’re working on. Come prepared to answer: What are you working on? Where do you want to be 12 months from now? What’s the biggest challenge standing in your way right now? What sort of connections or resources would benefit you now?

Get to know the Steamwork crew!

Exposure for Extrapreneurs – Professional Photoshoot

Need fresh headshots for your website and social media? Ready to uplevel your look and your business to get some breakthrough results this year?

We’ve secured an amazing deal with professional photographer Robert Cabunoc of Cabunoc Photography and professional makeup artist Valerie Ramirez to create amazing images of our extrapreneurs.

Interested? Contact Robert Cabunoc at robert@cabunoc.photo or 661-755-2536 for details on our special offer for entrepreneurs. Only 8 slots still available!

Why Should You Become a Member at Steamwork Center?

Here are just a few of the many reasons to work, learn and grow at Steamwork Center, the premier Business Growth Studio and Coworking Space in Santa Clarita, CA.

  1. Steamwork Center is a great place to work – Designed for entrepreneurs by entrepreneurs, Steamwork Center is a newly renovated office space with funky, fun decor, a stocked kitchen, cool conference room, vast event space, a business book library, fast internet, flexible seating options, convenient parking and much, much more.
  2. Amazing coworkers and talent network – Not only are there great, knowledgeable, helpful people already working at Steamwork Center, but we have a fantastic local and global network of resources standing by to tackle your biggest business challenge.
  3. Outstanding opportunities to learn and grow – We believe in making entrepreneurship accessible to everyone, so you don’t have to be an Ivy League MBA or move to Silicon Valley to make your idea into a business. We offer a variety of training programs, networking opportunities and challenges to nurture healthy business growth right here in Santa Clarita.
  4. Emerging talent pipeline – We also believe in the unlimited potential of the students and recent graduates in our valley, and want to equip them with the practical work experience they need to get a foot in the door with the hottest growth companies in the area.
  5. Host your own business building events – One of the best ways to build your business is to share your expertise generously with potential customers. We offer affordable event and meeting space and promotional services to help you magnify your message and attract the perfect clients.
  6. Build your dream team – So you’ve got a great idea in your area of expertise, but are befuddled by technology or design or legal or marketing. Everyone has their own version of Kryptonite. We’ve got you covered. Book a strategy session and we’ll help you assemble your dream team to eliminate the blindspots and help you move forward smoothly, affordably and quickly.

Interested in learning more?

It’s time to upgrade your pajamas to work clothes, give your Starbucks app a rest or convince your boss you’ll be more productive working close to home.  

Book a tour and get a free day pass to try Steamwork Center for yourself!

Work Out Wednesday with Steamwork

Get sweaty with the Steamwork team on Work Out Wednesday and experience the inspiration for our new business growth studio.

Work on your business while you work out your body. Find out how the principles from the Fastest-Growing Women-Owned Business and the hottest workout in Santa Clarita can help you achieve both business and personal success.

We’ll be working out together at Orange Theory Fitness, getting to know each other and having tacos.

Several of the Steamwork crew are loyal members of OTF and just love it, so we want to share some of the insights we have about how business and fitness weave together for powerful results.

If this is your first visit to Orange Theory Fitness, or you are not a member at OTF, you must download the form from our ticketing page, fill it out and bring it with you to the workout.

What to Bring

Great attitude & desire to try something new
Water bottle
Workout gear
Athletic shoes
Toiletries if you need to freshen up (bathrooms and shower available)
Gym lock (optional)
Towel (optional)

Limited spots are available!

Headphones and Chit Chat – Putting Coworking Noise in Perspective

As I write this while working from home, my computer fan is blowing, the dog is pacing around after barking his furry little face off, the refrigerator is buzzing, the dishwasher is running, the kids are in another room playing Xbox and I can hear the click clack of the keyboard. Luckily the TV is off for the night and no one in my house is currently streaming YouTube videos about obscure yodel-producing sports.
Working at a coffee shop is really no better. The grinding, whirring, sensitive conversations, doors opening, name shouting…all of those noises add up.
Coworking spaces aren’t meant to be silent like a library. There will be a natural hum as folks settle into their work routines, have coffee chats to get to know one another, or greet a visitor. However, they are usually pretty low key.
Coworkers have a code – using one earphone means I can be interrupted, and two earphones means I need to focus and can’t be disturbed. No headphones means I’m ready for anything.
When noises get to the annoying level, just make a kind, quiet request to the noisemaker to please manage the noise. We all get carried away sometimes. Relative to balloons popping and a marching band, coworking noise sounds pretty good to me!
Check out all of the noises that could be much worse!
Click the image to enlarge
Noise what you need to hear
Via: FIXR.COM Contractors

Need a Digital Detox?

As an executive for a global advertising company, Steamwork founder Tania Mulry, encountered the challenges that many of us are facing in this digital age.

Watch her TEDx talk “Need a Digital Detox?” to discover how she combats technology overwhelm and gets recharged for a more balanced personal and professional life.


How do you deal with digital distraction? Share your best tips with us in the comments!

What is Coworking?

We are excited to create this opportunity for entrepreneurs to connect, collaborate, create and grow thriving new businesses in Santa Clarita, CA. Coworking is a global phenomenon that is transforming how and where we work.

As we prepared to open our workspace, we connected with pioneers who have been operating coworking spaces all over the world. Here’s a collection of resources and research to understand coworking benefits, trends and opportunities.

HARVARD BUSINESS REVIEW – Why People Thrive in Coworking Spaces

FORBES – 4 Reasons Every Office Will Be a Coworking Office in 5 Years

COMMON DESK – The Local Economic Impact of Coworking

FAST COMPANY – The Future of Coworking and Why It Will Give Your Company a Huge Edge

DESK MAG – First Results of the 2017 Global Coworking Survey

[slideshare id=69884278&doc=2017globalcoworkingsurveyfirstresultsofficialslides-161206175509]


KNOLL – The Rise of Co-working

Are you thinking of opening your own coworking space?

Contact us about partnership opportunities and join our favorite Organizers Group.

Create a Traffic Tornado for Your WordPress Website

What’s the point of having a website if no one every sees it? Let’s get you some visitors!

Learn how to:
Create a marketing campaign to promote your WordPress website
Build a plan to nurture subscribers that turns them into customers
Encourage repeat customers and referrals

6 Websites to Find Remote Work at Startups While Living in Santa Clarita

If you love working for startups and living in Santa Clarita, but don’t like to commute you are in luck. There are some great sites aggregating jobs at startups that are open to remote workers in all sorts of roles. I spotted listings for cofounders, marketing, sales, product, growth, programmers, testers, customer care and more at all levels of experience. Hope you find the perfect match!

Enjoy our weather while making history working remotely at the next unicorn!

Remote OK


Remote Friendly Work

We Work Remotely

Go Remote


Let us know if you land a great gig!

Would You Make a Great Community Manager?

The Community Manager (CCM) is directly responsible for executing and administering the daily operations of the business growth studio, member programming and events as directed by the Owner, thus ensuring that the members are happy, productive and thriving. This reports directly to the Owner.

Following is a list of all duties and responsibilities that the CCM does on a daily, weekly and monthly basis to fulfill their purpose.

Community Management:

  • Model trust and collaboration as a key value of the community
  • Continuously foster a culture of openness and accessibility
  • Always put members first, and be eagerly responsive to their needs
  • Encourage members to develop relationships with each other through programming, seating arrangements and active introductions
  • Encourage members to take ownership of the space by encouraging problem solving in a collaborative format
  • Get to know each member, what they are working on, what their personal interests are and their goals for being in the coworking space
  • Collaborate with Owner to act as connector, introducing members to other members, small businesses to local resources, and follow-up with care and understanding
  • Collaborate with Owner to act as an ambassador of the space and identify and nurture community ambassadors amongst the members
  • Organize, plan and execute member programming and events
  • Follow all customer service and member relations programs and policies as directed by and in collaboration with Owner to ensure that each member has the best experience possible
  • Use excellent communication skills to de-escalate any conflicts which may arise between members or staff and members
  • Use excellent customer service skills to deliver prompt and thoughtful responses and solutions to member problems through verbal or written communication


  • Interact with vendors and subcontractors in a thorough and professional manner as directed by and in collaboration with the Owner
  • Create and book food truck or catering vendors for each business day, and call to confirm the day prior
  • Identify speakers to address community suggestions and needs
  • Work with sponsors and hosts to plan events
  • Supervise set up of special space arrangements (classroom style, theater style, mixer, etc.)

Sponsors/Partners/External Community:

  • Collaborate with Owner to build relationships with sponsors, bringing them into the community through happy hours, office hours and various other channels
  • Collaborate with Owner to support development of partnerships with local businesses, allowing for member discounts to gyms, dry cleaners, bars and eateries
  • Collaborate with Owner to support the creation and fostering of relationships with other coworking spaces, business leaders, city government and resources which will allow beneficial connections to be made between them and the the coworking space members

  • Maintain member records within the member management or CRM, ensuring the information is accurate and up to date
  • Maintain customer payment and billing accounts, ensuring they are up-to-date and accurate at all times
  • Perform monthly audits to ensure member records and billing information are accurate and up-to-date
  • Administer office waiting list, keeping it up to date
  • Work closely with Owner to ensure that all revenue line items are growing, that business is growing and that products are evolving to meet the existing and emerging needs of members
  • Administer bookings of event and meeting room rentals
  • Work with Owner to develop and execute operational systems and procedures and continually identify and implement new ways for the coworking space to become more efficient
  • Capture emails from ‘tourees,’ event attendees and anyone who contacts the coworking space through the website
  • Maintain (Mailchimp) mailing lists including interest lists (emails captured from interested parties as well as alumni members) and active member lists. Ensure these are up-to-date and captured emails are entered immediately
  • Maintain Mailchimp templates
  • Maintain sales leads in CRM, following up after initial contact
  • Procure all office, bathroom and kitchen supplies
  • Perform regular (weekly, semi-monthly) inventory of all office, bathroom and kitchen supplies
  • Process and deliver all mail, ensuring that mail is handled according to the postmaster standards as set forth in the mail handling guidelines
  • Ensure all members are fully onboarded within 24 hours of joining, added to all systems (data, printer and wifi), given a “member tour” of the space and taught about member procedures and community expectations
  • Administer event marketing and promotion channels (ie: Eventbrite, Google Calendar, Flyers and Posters, Email campaigns)


  • Grow and maintain membership base in collaboration with the Owner
  • Act as brand ambassador, understanding the the coworking space brand differentiator in the marketplace and the unique value proposition and convey this to all guests, members, partners and sponsors
  • Maintain listing and marketing sites to ensure that the coworking space is properly represented at all times
  • Execute on marketing and media campaigns in collaboration with and as directed by the Owner
  • Keep the coworking space’s brand presence updated on social media channels including Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram
  • Collaborate with Owner to execute on monthly newsletters to interest list, alumni and active members
  • Provide tours to interested candidates on a daily basis, follow up with them after initial tour as directed by and in collaboration with the Owner
  • Execute on promotion of all internal member programming and external events held in the space


  • Maintain facilities at all times to the standards set forth by the Owner, including the cleanliness, furniture, wireless network appliances, bathrooms, kitchen, conference rooms and elevator
  • Troubleshoot minor issues with appliances, wireless networks, elevator and security systems, and interact with vendors for more complicated issues.
  • Keep Owner updated as to facilities and equipment issues, resolutions and any follow up required by Owner
  • Perform hourly facilities checks throughout the day to ensure tables are clean, chairs in order, internet is sound with ample bandwidth and conference rooms are always clean for new arrivals
  • Maintain kitchen and bathrooms, ensuring they are well stocked, keep dishes done, coffee made and bathrooms in good condition
  • Coordinate with facilities maintenance crew to ensure the facilities are kept clean and the bathrooms are in working order
  • In collaboration with the Owner ensure that the space design is current and meets the needs of the members, rearrange space as needed to meet the needs of the members.

  • Duties and projects as assigned
  • Adheres to all established policies, procedures and guidelines.
  • Follows all health and safety regulations

To apply, please send your resume and a statement about why you are a great fit for this role to us here.