Join the Business Owners Marketing Bootcamp - Transform your company with the workout to work on your business.The Business Owners Marketing Bootcamp is the “workout to work on your business”

Expert-led group coaching program held at Steamwork Center in Santa Clarita, CA

Santa Clarita’s top business owners come together once a week for a two-hour deep, group strategy session, the Business Owners Marketing Bootcamp (affectionately known by members as “The BOMB”).  They learn, implement and launch a new growth challenges for their business every month. That’s twelve compounding growth strategies a year, designed to completely transform any business, including yours.

Business owners so excited about The BOMB and here’s why…

Join your dream team and create a “board” for your business

Surround yourself with powerful, purpose-driven mentors & peers for feedback, support and accountability. Get to know, like and trust them in class. Tap into their collective wisdom online in our private Facebook Group and Slack Channel.

Increase access to valuable resources and tools

As a BOMB member, you can tap into the Steamwork Center Talent network, use special business growth tools and hear from seasoned experts in many different aspects of business growth – marketing, public relations, social media, fundraising, accounting, and legal, etc.

Tackle your fears, obstacles and toughest challenges

Through group discussions, gain the insights, support and confidence you need to make the tough calls and take bigger chances in your own business.

Get out of your head and into action

This isn’t a lecture where you go back to the office and forget what you’ve learned. Implement what you learn right away in class, and assign ongoing responsibilities to your extended team before you leave each session.

Get motivated, inspired and productive

Feel confident about your new and improved strategy, and expand your leadership and implementation capabilities every week.

Isn’t it time that you step out of the hustle and into the flow of your business?

Every week, our group members are building stronger, more flexible and resilient businesses.

They are learning and accomplishing so much, including…

  • Expanding their teams and freelance resources
  • Getting more freelance and teaching gigs
  • Clarifying their service offerings and pricing packages
  • Creating powerful promotions and publicizing them
  • Winning pitch competitions and perfecting their public speaking abilities
  • Finding speaking and guest blogging opportunities
  • Creating dynamic social media engagement
  • And more!

Join the Business Owners Marketing Bootcamp (The BOMB) today.

In person sessions will be held weekly except holiday weeks at Steamwork Center on:

  • Wednesday 2 pm – 4 pm


  • Membership in the Extrapreneur Club
  • Up to 40 hours of coworking time at Steamwork Center