By Tatiana Garrett Mulry

Create Rapid Business Results with the Steamwork System

Warning: You may be experiencing the chatter in your mind saying this is just another book from another experienced business consultant, but in reality, the Steamwork System contained in Decide Like a Boss is a foolproof blueprint for changing the way you look at every decision and every tough conversation you know you need to have to make your business and your life the way you always dreamed it could be. This isn’t just a book. This is a comprehensive system for achieving your vision.

Tania Mulry

Founder and CEO of Steamwork

Tania Mulry is a business growth advisor and consultant, an award-winning digital marketer, an entrepreneur, a professor at the University of Southern California, wife and a mother of three.

She organizes the startup community in Santa Clarita, CA, a beautiful suburb of Los Angeles, speaks regularly at events, on panels and serves as a judge or mentor in startup competitions. Her work with businesses struggling to overcome obstacles and jump start growth resulted in the development of a unique decision support framework called the Steamwork System.


The Steamwork System helped me regain momentum and clarity after experiencing proprietor paralysis. I learned to take on others’ perspectives when leading, negotiating or approaching new clients. This skillset has transformed my decision-making process, which up until now, was often a point of difficulty.

– April Enriquez, WordPop Public Relations

What’s Inside

  • Tools for self-reflection and continuous measurement
  • A step-by-step guide to the Steamwork System and how to apply it to any major decision, whether made solo or in a group
  • Techniques for leveraging fear, sparking creativity and intuition and enhancing trust with stakeholders
  • 12 Steamwork System worksheets for weekly or monthly decision making and action planning
  • How to recharge your batteries the instant that you start to question your decisions
  • A bonus worksheet for documenting goals and obstacles
  • An exclusive invitation for readers of the workbook to upgrade your decision making power in highly interactive live sessions

BONUS: Readers will be invited to a free video Masterclass with bonus worksheets to learn the Steamwork System from Tatiana Garrett Mulry


When you’re at the edge of a cliff you have two options; Fall off… or turn around and fight. I spent 5 grueling years following my dreams of having a successful software company. I made less than ends meet, dealt with too many clients that leached off of us. Bank account was empty. Expenses were looming. I was so tired of it all… even my parents wanted me to give up and “get a job”.

But, I didn’t jump. Is that cowardice or courage? Armed with the Steamwork System, new weapons to keep up the fight, I turned around and landed our largest job ever. Debts were paid off, expenses reduced, fear replaced by determination… and that’s only the beginning. It’s amazing how 10 minutes working your way through the Steamwork System can lead to a monumental business change… no, a life change.

– Kyle D. of Optimus Computing

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By Tatiana Garrett Mulry

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