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Steamwork represents a diversity of business growth ideas, and is a platform for experts to share opinions and start discussions that matter to entrepreneurs.

The site features stories and videos of many different entrepreneurial journeys and isn’t just by our core team, it’s by all of us!

We are inviting you to add a ‘page’ to our online community scrapbook and become a guest contributor!

Articles can be on anything business start, scale or growth related and supporting entrepreneurs. Topics include alternative points of view on business strategy, marketing, operations and finance, life/work balance, management, setting up partnerships, healthy culture, growth experiments, idea to business journeys, positive thinking, relationships, working with a budget, teamwork, charity partnerships, resource reviews in your area, personal triumph stories, overcoming adversity, etc but of course feel free to write about anything that you feel compelled to share.

By sending an article you grant permission to amend your contribution, including edits for grammar and word count. We will not add to your work. If we feel your article is not a fit, we reserve the right not to publish it or to send it back to you for editing.

So again, this is what we need to post your blog:

– An article on anything business growth related 300- 800 words

– A photo that directly illustrates the subject of your article, not a headshot or logo. Your submission indicates that you grant is permission to publish it and that you have either secured permission to use it or have taken it yourself.

– Your link to be included on your blog posting (drive traffic to twitter, facebook and/or your website)

– 30-50 word bio

If this all sounds cool to you, then we wold love to collaborate with you!!

You can just start writing and send your awesome contributions to us as an email when you’re done.

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